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Contact lens for presbyopia


Presbyopia usually occurs beginning at around age 40, when people experience difficulty focusing at near objects. Reading glasses or progressive lenses are usually the only available options in order to read a menu, look at your phone, work in front of a computer, or do other everyday tasks that require good near vision.

But today, brand new multifocal contact lens designs offer to give you clear and functional vision at both distance and near without your reading glasses.

After a full contact lens consultation, we will evaluate your typical daily visual needs and provide suggestions on which multifocal design suits you best.

If you are sick of carrying your reading glasses everywhere you go, and tired of having to use them in front of your friends, call us at iSight for a contact lens consultation to see if you are suitable for these brand new contact lenses.


Keratoconus is a progressive thinning of the cornea due to changes in the corneal shape. Typically, it affects males with an onset between the ages of mid-teens to early forties. Clinical signs include frequent changes in spectacle or contact lens prescription due to blurriness. And symptoms are thinning of the cornea and progressive increase in astigmatism.

Early in the disease, glasses or contact lens can provide very good vision. But as the disease progress, custom made specialty contact lenses will be needed to achieve good, functional vision.

Recent advances in medical technology can help to arrest the progressive changes of this disease if detected early.

At iSight, we routinely map the shape of the cornea using the corneal topographer to evaluate the shape of the cornea. And with the help of the corneal map, we can provide you custom made contact lenses that will improve your vision. 

If you have been told that your astigmatism is worsening, and you frequntly have to change glasses or contact lenses for better vision, please call us for a consultation to identify the root cause.

Remember, early detection will give a much better clinical outcome.

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